April 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes

By on April 26, 2017

Serving Laurens, Greenwood, and Newberry Counties

Preserving and restoring the quality of Lake Greenwood for current and future generations through education and advocacy.

Preserving Lake Greenwood

     Minutes  April 20, 2017 Revised 4-27-2017

(Meeting at CPW) Thanks to Mike Monaghan and CPW

Attendees: :  Jeff Auman, Grant Blair, Claude Blakely, Bob Bowers,  Bill and Jerry Church, Joyce Cossey, Jeff Field, Jean Fishel, Rich Hermann, Dave Hildebrand, Joanne Hochheimer, Tom Hockheimer, Walker Moore, Dehores Mctcalf, Craig Stuckey, Amaryllis Turman, and Walt Willard

Treasurer’s Report Balance $2225.00

Capsugel’s Green Program

Amaryllis Turman presented information about the green program at Capsugel.  Ms. Turman explained that Capsugel has applied to  become a “GREEN COMPANY” and prior to that they began programs to reduce their contributions to the county landfill.  Since February 2016 they have reduced this by approximately 90% and will continue their efforts in creating more sustainability projects within all their facilities.

Laurens County Water and Sewer Draw Out Site Update

Jeff Fields updated everyone on the draw out construction site.  They are preparing a pad for the Pilot Plant and things are moving along as planned.

Connect Lake Greenwood – Life on the Lake Summit 2017

Grant Blair reported that the event was well attended.  PLG shared a booth with Camp Fellowship and sold all but five maps.  Highlights included,  A new Restaurant “Break on the Lake” will be coming, not sure when or where, 4th Annual Lights on the Lake 4th of July Weekend and an eclipse watching event on August 21st at Camp Fellowship.

Fishing Team Report

Grant Blair listed the following achievements from our area for the State competition. Abbeville High School 1st place, Greenwood High placed 2nd place, and Ninety Six Middle School received Trophies.

Upstate Forever

Chris Starker said that DHEC has issued Dominion a 401 permit for the pipeline project, effectively giving them them the “green light” to proceed. Upstate Forever has not yet decided what our next steps are but it would be difficult to stop it now. See GoUpstate online article for more information.

Waterloo Water Wizards – WWW

Tom Hochheimer reported that The South Carolina Adopt a stream program is still in the planning and organization stage. Water sampling will be done monthly and added to the database.  Thank you to Upstate Forever for providing material for this program which reduce the cost tremendously.  If you want or would like sampling done in other areas around the lake, please contact Julie Davis at Lake Management.

South Carolina Rural Water Association Meeting

Tom Hochheimer reported that the attendance was not great but the PLG presentations by Grant Blair and himself were well received.

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