Mar 16, 2017: Meeting Minutes

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Preserving Lake Greenwood

Serving Laurens, Greenwood, and Newberry Counties

Preserving and restoring the quality of Lake Greenwood for current and future generations through education and advocacy.

Minutes  March 16, 2017

(Meeting at CPW)  Thanks to Mike Monaghan and CPW

Attendees:  Grant Blair, Craig Stuckey, Joanne & Tom Hochheimer, Jeff Auman, Bob Bowers, Julie Davis I. Lehr Brisbin , Joyce Cossey, Walt Willard, Claire Hamanaka, Debi Bailey, Rich & Gail Hermann, Dan Koenig,  Jean Fishel, John Jekel, Chris Starker, Claude Blakely,

Treasurer’s Report:  $1,980.79 in bank.

SCWRA:   PLG will present at SCRWA (South Carolina Rural Water Association) round table on March 23rd. Grant Blair reviewed the presentation, which covered PLG activities for 2016. Tom Hochheimer will also review water sampling program.

Lake Management: Julie Davis gave a presentation on Invasive Species control programs for Lake Greenwood, including weed control in Summerset Bay (Newberry), which are both hydrilla and eelgrass. This was first reported in September 2016. Both chemical and natural treatment (500 grass carp) are being used. Julie’s presentation will be available on PLG’s webpage and Facebook Page. There is also a connection between Hydrilla, Coots, and Bald Eagle deaths.  See the following link:

Lake Clean-Up :  Cleanup  was very successful. 1.39 Tons collected, including 80 tires. Gift Card and cash awards were presented to seven Art Contest grade school winners. Thanks to all the PLG members who participated, including fishing teams.

Water Wizards: Tom Hochheimer Georgia Adopt-A-Stream program coming to South Carolina. Recent tour of Mauldin REWA.  FEMA flood maps are available, and may be accessed through the Greenwood County website.

Rain Barrel Workshop: We have 12 rain barrels left.

Upstate Forever: Chris Starker reported that there will be an environmental awareness day in the SC legislature Tuesday March 21st.


Rain Barrel Workshop

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