June 15, 2017: Meeting Minutes

By on June 27, 2017

Preserving and restoring the quality of Lake Greenwood

for current and future generations through education and advocacy.

Meeting Minutes June 15, 2017

The meeting was held at the Greenwood County Public Works building.  Thank you to Mike Monaghan and CPW for the use of this facility for our meetings.

Attendees:  Jeff Auman, Debbie Bailey, Grant Blair, Claude Blakely, Bob Bowers, Bob Broome, Jean Fishel, Carlene Hale, Rich Hermann, Dave Hidebrand, Joanne Hochheimer, Tom Hochheimer, Clair Hamanaka, Walker Moore, Craig Stuckey, David Tuck, and Walt Willard

The meeting was called to order at 130pm and introductions were made.  Everyone introduced themselves and added which county they reside in.

No corrections or additions to minutes from previous meeting.

Lake Management

Julie Davis gave a presentation on Invasive Species control programs for Lake Greenwood.

Fishing Club Report

Grant Blair reported they are out for the summer.

Waterloo Water Wizards

South Carolina site has not launched as previously reported. Tom and Joanne Hochheimer are certified now after passing their exams.

State of the Lake

There will be a meeting in July to finalize plans.

Hospice of Laurens County

12thAnnual Flight of the Dove Bike Ride is coming up and PLG has been ask to sponsor.  It was decided not to sponsor this year since our budget has already been set.  This will be discussed during the budget meeting next year.

Treasurers Report


Buzzard Roost Facility Tour

If anyone is interested in touring the Buzzards Roost Facility, please contact Lake Management.

Lake Greenwood Maps

We need a source for purchasing frames for the maps.

Respectively submitted by Jean Fishel, Secretary

June 25, 2017

Approved by Craig Stuckey, Chairperson of the Board

June 26, 2017

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