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Aug 17, 2017 Meeting Minutes

By on August 27, 2017

Preserving Lake Greenwood

Serving Laurens, Greenwood, and Newberry Counties

The mission of Preserving Lake Greenwood is the conservation, care and protection of Lake Greenwood; its lake bed, shoreline, and environs; the rivers, streams, creeks and all other bodies of water which feed it.

Meeting Minutes August 17, 2017

The meeting was held at the Greenwood County Public Works building.  Thank you to Mike Monaghan and CPW for the use of this facility for our meetings.

Attendees:  Debbie Bailey, Grant Blair, Claude Blakely, Lehr Brisbin, Bob Broome, Barbara Broome, Joyce Cossey, Jean Fishel, Bobbi Jo Gilbert, Carlene Hale, Clair Hamanaka, Rich Hermann, Dave Hildebrand, Tom Hochheimer, Annemarie Humm, Chris Starker, Craig Stuckey, and Walt Willard.

There will be no regular monthly PLG meeting in September in lieu of the State of the Lake Meeting on September 21 at 6:30pm at Cedarwood Community Church, in Waterloo.

Drag Boat Races

These were held at Skippers Landing on July 29th and the attendance was great.  Problems with launching caused race times to be delayed and concerns were discussed about what improvements needed to be made for future races.

Fishing Clubs

Greenwood High School Eagle Eye Anglers (EEA) reported by way of an email from John Cooper, presented by Grant Blair.  The EEA participated in the Palmetto Boat Center Trail (PBC).  They participated in 5 of the 6 tournaments against 38 upstate school teams. They finished 2nd overall behind Abbeville.  One team finished 3rd for the season out of 320 teams and qualified for the High School National Championship on Lake Kentucky.  They have plans to participate in all tournament in the PBC this year and hope to take first place.  We wish them luck in their endeavors.

Ninety Six Wild Cat Anglers (NSWA) were represented by Bobbi Jo Gilbert, a parent representative. The NSWA do not participate in the PBC and only compete in tournaments within their club on various lakes throughout the state.  They did sent 4 teams of 2 each to the South Carolina State Department of Natural Resources tournament and finished 3rd overall. They have 9 tournaments scheduled for the upcoming

school year.  This club awards 4 scholarships each year.  One to two members each of the High School team and one to two members each of the Middle School team.

Waterloo Water Wizards

Tom Hochheimer stated they do monthly testing of locations across the lake. The South Carolina Adopt a Stream is still not ready to start reporting results and he will let us know when they are. He did mention with all the tournaments on Lake Greenwood is a good sign of how healthy the lake must be.

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

Dr. Lehr Brisbin, representing Camp Fellowship stated they have 40 people registered for their event which will include lunch and the following speaker and activities.

  • Morris Alzenman – Astronomy
  • Brisbin – Box Turtle Tracking
  • Dr, Patty Gowaty – Bluebirds
  • Steve Hubble – Foresty
  • Kim Bailey – Monarch Butterflies
  • Charles Klipsch – Racing Pigeons

Upstate Forever (UF) – Chris Starker

UF is working with the City of Greenwood, Fuji, and CPW to install a few hydration stations in some of the City parks. They have not yet determined which parks. They are also working to schedule Rain Barrel workshops in late winter through schools located within the watershed.

State of the Lake

We will have a final planning meeting for this on Thursday, September 14 at 1:00pm at Cedarwood Church where the actual meeting will be held.  Below are Debi’s notes.

Setup Time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm


Speakers will begin at 7:00 pm.  Walker Moore will begin with a welcome from PLG and who we are, as well as MC and introduce the speakers.  Each speaker will be asked to present for approximately 15 minutes, leaving us time for a Q&A at the end of all presentations and the door prize(s).

  • Reedy River Water Quality (Hochheimer’s)
  • Friends of the Reedy River (Hoccheimer’s)
  • Save Our Saluda (Hoccheimer’s)
  • Greenwood County Lake Management (Walker Moore)
  • Preserving Lake Greenwood (Walker Moore)

Setup Details

  • There are nine 8′ rectangular tables for vendor info tables at the church
  • There are 90 plastic chairs and 100 metal chairs at the church
  • If we need more tables and/or chairs, we will need to check with Camp Fellowship
  • Kevin is providing the projector, screen, and audio system
  • Debi will bring her laptop

Potential Vendors / Information Tables

The PLG Member listed in parenthesis has indicated they will contact the vendor to invite them.  Vendors should plan on arriving between 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm to setup.  Vendors should let us know if they will need electrical supply to run a presentation on a laptop at their table.  Tables will be 6′ – 8′ rectangular tables.  Vendors may also choose to bring a donated door prize if they would like.  There is no fee for them to have the table.

  • Greenwood County Lake Management (Walker Moore) – YES
  • Preserving Lake Greenwood (Debi Bailey) – YES
  • Camp Fellowship (Kevin Cartee & Emily Kinkier) – YES
  • Savannah Land Trust (Craig Stuckey) – YES
  • DHEC (Walker Moore & Craig Stuckey) – YES
  • Connect Lake Greenwood (Bob Bowers) – YES
  • Laurens County Water & Sewer (Craig Stuckey) – YES
  • Reedy River Water Quality (Hochheimer’s) – NO
  • Friends of the Reedy River (Hoccheimer’s) – NO
  • Save Our Saluda (Hoccheimer’s) – NO
  • Laurens County Water & Soil Conservation (Debi Bailey) – NO
  • CPW Water Quality (Craig Stuckey) – NO
  • Laurens Tourism (Craig / Claude) – NO
  • Upstate Forever (Craig Stuckey) – ?
  • Greenwood County Tourism / Bloom (Craig Stuckey) – ?
  • Ninety Six Tourism (Grant) – ?
  • Gunnels (Jean) – ?
  • DNR (Joyce) – ?

Door Prizes

  • Kevin Cartee will provide something
  • Walt will bring 1 of our rain barrels
  • Grant will bring 1 of our  nicely framed maps
  • Walt & Claire indicated they would provide something
  • Jean is donating an ice bucket filled with picnic supplies
  • Jean’s son is donating a BBQ Grill set
  • Jean will also check with Gunnels to see if they will donate something
  • Debi has tickets we can use for the door prize – which will be handed out at the registration table.  Jean will bring a large silver bowl for the tickets we will draw from.


  • Camp Fellowship will provide  large dispensers  for water and ice tea.
  • Debi is working with businesses for donations:
    • BiLo on 25 will donate some cakes
    • Publix is reviewing our application
    • Chick-Fil-A is reviewing our application
    • Still waiting to hear from Aldi, Crispy Yummy, and The Pantry
  • Craig will ask Sports Break if they would like to donate something.
  • Debi will ensure we have small plates, cups, and napkins

Respectively Submitted by Jean Fishel, Secretary, August 21, 2017
Approved by Craig Stuckey, August 25,2017

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