November 16, 2017: Meeting Agenda

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Preserving Lake Greenwood

Serving Laurens, Greenwood, and Newberry Counties

The mission of Preserving Lake Greenwood is the conservation, care and protection of Lake Greenwood; its lake bed, shoreline, and environs; the rivers, streams, creeks and all other bodies of water which feed it.

Meeting Minutes November 16, 2017
The meeting was held at the Greenwood County Public Works building.  Thank you to Mike Monaghan and CPW for the use of this facility for our meetings. Thank you to Brian with CPW, IT department for his assistance with our presentation.

Attendees:  Bob Broome, Barbara Broome, Kevin Cartee, Joyce Cossey, Jean Fishel, Carlene Hale, Claire Hamanaka, Richard Hermann,  Joanne Hochheimer, Tom Hochheimer,  Annemarie Humm, Walker Moore, Donna Sightler, and Craig Stuckey, Walt Willard.

Speaker Presentation
Our guest speaker was Donna Sightler who is the Director of Public Works for Greenwood County.  Greenwood County’s second shred day for 2017 was held on October 21 at the Lowes parking lot. They collected 300 pounds of cardboard, 3700 pounds of e-waste and received $631 in donations.  It was a great success and two dates have already been set for 2018. Ms. Sightler also spoke about the 6 divisions of the public works department and gave a brief explanation of each.  Those divisions are 1) Yard Waste, 2) 9 Convenience locations, 3) Recycling Program, 4) Landfill Operations, 5) Road Maintenance, 6) Fleet Garage.  

Christmas Parade
Decorating of the floats will be on Friday Dec 1 at Gunnell’s Marine at 3:00pm. Anyone interested in helping is welcome. Saturday December 2 is the parade in Ninety Six.  Sunday December 3 is the parade in Greenwood.  

Greenwood County liter Ordinance
This has not been signed yet, we will follow up at the January PLG meeting.

Advocacy and Preservation Committee Report – Tom and Joanne Hochheimer

Water Monitoring Training
Tom attended a two day training in Atlanta sponsored by the State of Georgia and The Stroud Preserve to train water monitors to build their own monitoring buoys from scratch. Tom is working with Julie Davis on this project.

Reedy River Water Quality Group
Tom and Joanne attended the Reedy River Water Quality Group (RRWQG)all day meeting on November 15. They toured Conestee Park while there. The dam there is over 100 years old and the sediment at the bottom of the lake is toxic.  This is of concern for Lake Greenwood if the dam fails the toxic sediment could make its way to Lake Greenwood.  RRWQG is following this closely and we will keep PLG updated.

Protecting and Restoring Southeast River Flows Workshop
Joanne will be attending a 3 day seminar,  in Greenville in December.  Craig Stuckey will also be attending.

Do it Yourself Monitoring Conference
Tom will be attending a two day conference on “Do it Yourself” Monitoring using Environmental Sensing Equipment.

South Carolina Adopt a Stream
It was reported that the South Carolina Adopt a stream website is up and all the data that Waterloo Water Wizards had been sending to Georgia Adopt a Stream has been put on the South Carolina site. You can access data on WWW monitoring through


Education and Outreach Committee Report – Jean Fishel
Website Update
A description of the proposed changes has been sent to all board members along with an explanation of the costs involved for our present site.  The present website is actually a blog site.  Each board member has also received an estimate of those same changes cost with different companies. This will be reviewed at the December 7 Board meeting and decided upon by the Board.  Updates will follow at the January PLG meeting.

Educational Articles Written by Debi Bailey
“How to Be a Responsible Angler” was distributed to the Ninety Six Angler group by Debi Bailey, Grant Wood and Craig Stuckey.  The article was also presented to the Greenwood High School Anglers by Debi Bailey, Jean Fishel and Craig Stuckey. These were done in October 2017.
“Don’t Leaf Lake Greenwood was in The Index journal on Sunday, November 12.

Nominating Committee Report
We have 3-4 positions on the Board open if anyone is interested in serving, please contact Craig.

Keep Greenwood County Beautiful (KGCB) – Lake Cleanup
This will be March 3, 2018 more information will be presented at the January PLG meeting.

Map Purchase
This discussion was tabled until the Board meeting on December 7.

Treasurer’s Report
Account Balance $ 1193.14

Board Meeting
The Board of Directors will meet on Thursday December 7, 2017 at 9:00am, at the CPW building, where we hold our regular monthly meetings.

PLG will not have a monthly meeting in December.

Parade Float work (Dec 1) will take place of this meeting.

Our next monthly meeting will be January 18, 2018


Respectively Submitted

Jean Fishel, Secretary

November 19, 2017

Approved by a majority of Board

November 20, 2017


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