Angler Education Program

Preserving Lake Greenwood (PLG) presented an education program to two Greenwood County Angler Teams – the Ninety Six Wildcats on October 10th and the Greenwood Eagle Eyes on October 22nd. The focus of the program is to educate the high school and middle school students on how to be part of the solution to environmental concerns on Lake Greenwood and other local lakes the teams fish at.

The presentation increases awareness of two current concerns in Lake Greenwood, the invasive aquatic weeds and non-point source pollution. Some tips shared with the anglers include:
• Stowing trash safely from blowing off their boats;
• Ensuring used and fouled fishing line is properly discarded in the trash;
• Watching for and reporting issues on the lake such as floating logs, invasive weeds, downed silt fences, tires, and strange smells;
• Releasing only live fish back into the lakes;
• Rinsing aquatic plants and invertebrate hitchhikers from boat hulls, propellers, and trailers to prevent transferring them between lake.

The students, along with their coaches and parents, have been responsive to the program. PLG hopes to continue the education program by presenting it to neighboring county school teams that also fish in Lake Greenwood. If you spot something in Greenwood Lake or have a concern, please be sure to report them to Greenwood County Lake Management at 864-943-2648 or 864-942-8560. You can also post pictures and descriptions on Preserving Lake Greenwood’s Facebook page at

The mission of Preserving Lake Greenwood is the conservation, care and protection of Lake Greenwood; its lake bed, shoreline and environs; the rivers, streams, creeks, and all other bodies of water which feed it. All our welcome to attend monthly meetings to learn about and comment on issues concerning Lake Greenwood, held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at the Commission of Public Works, 121 West Court Avenue, Greenwood, SC.

PLG Article - Angler Education Program PLG Article - Angler Education Program PLG Article - Angler Education Program

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