Information about the Lake issues for residents


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Lake Greenwood Report Card for 2015


Lake Greenwood 2015 Report Card

Hydrilla Article by Debi and Dave Bailey

Greenwood County Lake Management Report 303D on the status of the Lake

Lake Levels, normal and heavy rain year of 2015rule curve 2010


New Regulations and Resolutions For Excavation and Encroachments

For a link to SCDHEC’s Fish Consumption Advisory interactive map;

For an advisory below Lake Greenwood;

Grass Carp for Weed Control

grass carp

Grass Carp


Septic Tank Design


Phosphorus sludge due to lake water pollution upstream


Sediment results due to heavy rain waster wash from roads and streams.

Riparian Zone

Water such as rivers and lakes adjacent vegetation and environment.

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