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The Facebook companion page for the Website is managed by a Lake Greenwood resident, Grant Blair. It has much  up-to-date information on Lake Greenwood, often from the viewpoint of one living on the Lake. Grant is also a board member of the Preserving Lake Greenwood organization.

Greenwood County Lake Management

Created in 2006, the lake management department is responsible for issuing permits for encroachments on Lake Greenwood, registration of encroachments, camping reservations on Goat Island, lake upkeep, larvicide applications and herbicide applications, Greenwood County public lake access areas, assisting in complying with the FERC license, administering shoreline management, and inspection of lake encroachments.

Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works (CPW)

Our mission is to provide clean water, efficient burning natural gas, and dependable electricity service to the businesses and citizens of Greenwood at the lowest possible cost.

Greenwood County Council

Information about Greenwood County, South Carolina and the county council members as well as other county leaders are found at this site. Resources and contact offices for the county are available from this resource.

Greenwood County Metro

This mission of Greenwood Metropolitan District (“GMD”) is to protect public health and the environment; to provide state of the art wastewater collection, transportation and treatment services in the most cost effective manner for every customer. GMD is a vital part of the community’s public health system. To actively recover all resources from the wastewater cleaning process and make usable products from the recovered resources.

South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control

We promote and protect the health of the public and the environment in South Carolina.

Laurens County Council

Laurens County Council serves as the legislative, policy-making body for Laurens County Government through the adoption of budgets, ordinances, policy and procedure and resolutions.  The seven (7) Member Council is considered a “Council Form of Government”.

Newberry County Council

Newberry County has the “Council-Administrator form of government” and is generally governed by the provisions of Articles 1 and 7 of Chapter 9 of Title 4 of the South Carolina Code of laws.

Turning the Tide: SC DHEC Water Quality

A citizen’s guide to protecting our water resources from runoff pollution SC DHEC. PDF 36 page guide for lake property owners on how to protect from runoff.

Upstate Forever

We live, work and play in the Upstate of South Carolina and want to protect our beautiful environment while supporting practical economic development because healthy air, clean water, sustainable communities, and green spaces benefit everyone in the Upstate.



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