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Preserving Lake Greenwood Goals

Web of Water Photos above provided by Greenwood photographer jon holloway for exclusive use on the
Preserving Lake Greenwood Website. Originally created for: “Web of Water: Reflections of Life Along the Saluda & Reedy Rivers.” Published in cooperation with Upstate Forever and Hub City Press, Spartanburg, SC April 2014. This coffeetable book takes the reader on a journey through the Saluda-Reedy watershed, a trip that unfolds through the fine-art photography captured by photographers Tom Blagden, Clay Bolt, jon holloway, and Ben Geer Keys, and in essays by John Lane. (These pictures are protected by copyright and may not be used or copied for any other reason, without written permission by the owners.



Jan 19, 2017: Meeting Minutes

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Preserving Lake Greenwood
Serving Laurens, Greenwood, and Newberry Counties
Preserving and restoring the quality of Lake Greenwood for current and future generations through education and advocacy.
Preserving Lake Greenwood
Minutes January 19,2017
(Meeting at CPW)
Thanks to Mike Monaghan and CPW

Attendees: Grant Blair, Craig Stuckey, Walker Moore, , Bob Bowers, Tom & Joanne Hochheimer, Max Page, Jeff Field, Mildred Cossey, Joyce Cossey, Bob & Barbara Broome, Walt Willard, Claire Hamanaka, Debora Bailey, Claude Blakely, Jean Fisher, Julie Davis, John Jekel
Treasurer’s Report: $1,517.0 in bank $280 received in map and rain barrel sales.

Christmas Parades: 96 Wildcat Anglers and Eagle Eye Anglers participated in their respective parades. Ninety Six parade on Dec. 3rd , Greenwood on Dec. 11th. Excellent turnout from both teams plus thanks to Gunnels Marine for providing a pontoon to decorate, as well as storing it for a week due to rescheduling of Greenwood parade.

Lake Management: 70 Silt Removal permits have been issued.
Two hazardous docks are scheduled for removal in February, while the water is down.
Craig Stuckey suggested that County Engineer Rossi Corwin be contacted to schedule a presentation/discussion in a future PLG monthly meeting regarding the Dam Repair proposal.

Laurens County Water project: Greenwood County approved a resolution to enter into a water drawing agreement with LCWSC.  Jeff also thanked PLG for their efforts.

Lake Clean-Up : Cleanup scheduled for March 11th. We are participating in planning with Keep Greenwood County Beautiful. Register at
While the water is down, residents are asked to identify catfish tires and either bring them to Moon Landing, move up to shoreline for March 11 cleanup team, document locations and post on PLG’s Facebook page for follow up by clean-up teams

Water Sampling: Lake Management reported Hydrilla near Somerset Bay. They have a link to a presentation about hydrilla and najas.
There are 2 treatment methods, chemical and biological (grass-eating carp). Both are being applied. Julie requested that if you see aquatic weeds near your dock, report to Lake Management.

PLG Board: Kevin Cartee. Debora Bailey, Joyce Cossey were appointed as new board members.
A board meeting was held January 20th at Camp Fellowship to discuss 2017 budget and suggest projects.


Feb 16, 2017: Regular Meeting Draft Agenda

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From the dark side…Laurens…the moon setting this morning was spectacular.  Lake’s rising, days getting longer, life is good.  Part of our agenda is from the 9 Feb board meeting at Camp Fellowship. Items to be covered on 16 Feb @

Hydrilla 3

New article by Debi Bailey on Hydrilla posted for lake resident information

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Hydrilla Identified in Summerset Bay Area  


Advanced notice: Important agenda for next week’s regular meeting…save the date January 19 at 1:30 p.m.

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Preserving Lake Greenwood Serving Laurens, Greenwood, and Newberry Counties Preserving and restoring the quality of Lake Greenwood for current and future generations through education and advocacy. Community Action Needed Attend meetings to learn about and comment on issues concerning Lake


Christmas Parade in Ninety Six, Saturday, December 3 / Greenwood Parade rain delayed to Sunday, December 11, 2016

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For the past several years, the Ninety Six Anglers have worked with their parade sponsor Gunnells Marine, who provides a new boat with trailer to support the teams in the parade. The fishing team members decorate the boat for Christmas.