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PLG's Leadership Team and Board Members help to guide the efforts of our organization as we offer education and advocacy centered on preserving and protecting the resources of Lake Greenwood and our community.


We invite you to join in - remembering that one small drop can create a ripple of change leading to something much larger than itself!

We are looking for more PLG community members to get involved with our leadership team. Request a contact by clicking the link below to join the team! 

Current Leadership Team, Board Members & Officers

Craig Stuckey, President

Beth Satterfield, Secretary

Bob Bowers, Treasurer

Kevin Cartee

Walker Moore

Amber Napier

Courtney Stonell

Heather Webb

Walt Willard

Bob Broome

Barbara Broome

George Hammett

Katie Henderson

Richard Hermann

Annemarie Humm

Lynda Mills

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